Sarah Storch is a Berlin based photographer who loves to travel the world, finding inspiration in mother nature, especially in organical forms, atmospheric surroundings and using the color palette of nature. She is also finding her ideas in music and often going to concerts, aquarelle painting, design, architecture, astrology and spiritualy. She studied photography in Germany, is self-employed since 10 years and putting her focus on fashion photography, sensitive portraits, arty projects and also has a lot of experience in photographing musicians & actors.
Her minimal aesthetic and soft lightning are used to create dynamic fashion visuals which bring out the natural beauty of her subjects. Her favorite lightning conditions are available light situations on location, but she is also experienced in studio & indoor

Worked for
Vogue Germany, Grazia, Numero Berlin, Couch Magazin, Marshall, Hackett London, Wrangler, NYLON Germany, OE Magazine, DESIGNSCENE Magazine, MMSCENE, Whitelies Magazine, Leica S Magazine, Cake Magazine, INDIE Magazine, Institute Magazine, Papercut Magazine, Fräulein Magazine

Lena Meyer Landrut / Singlecover Looking 4 Love
Alice Merton / Singlecover Vertigo
BLOND / Albumcover 2023
Maximilian Mundt / Numero Berlin
Ruby O Fee / Vogue Germany
Taneshia Abt
Jeanne Goursaud / Grazia Germany
Gina Stiebitz / Grazia Germany
Caro Cult / Grazia Germany
Peri Baumeister / Vogue Germany
instagram @sarahstorch_official
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